Our Advertising Policy

Mother Jones respects free expression and dissenting voices.

We accept advertising because it helps pay the costs of publishing independent, nonprofit journalism. While we are proud of the professional relationships between our advertising staff and marketers, we are also committed to the integrity of our mission. Mother Jones is in business to produce great public interest journalism—no strings attached. In doing so, we reserve the right to investigate and write critically about any issue, individual, or company.

Having decided on these grounds to accept advertising, we have also decided not to ban specific advertisements or advertisers, even if they are controversial or represent views contrary to our own. We reserve the right to reject advertisements that are false, libelous, exploitative, hateful, or that fail to meet our high production standards.

In general, however, we believe that our readers are smart and skeptical enough to evaluate advertising for themselves. Such a policy furthers our commitment to making the pages of Mother Jones and MotherJones.com a home for diverse opinions, lively debate, and uncensored viewpoints.

We invite comments from readers and advertisers about this policy. Send your comments to:

Monika Bauerlein, President and CEO, Mother Jones
P.O. Box 584
San Francisco, CA 94104-0584
phone: (415) 321-1700
fax: (415) 321-1701

Or contact the advertising department.